Telephone Conferencing information

The world of phone conferencing can often seem confusing to those who have not yet tried this way of working.

We hope the information contained within the sections below will be useful to you whichever audio conferencing provider you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – General answers to general questions.

What is audio conferencing? – A beginners guide.

Guidelines to successful conference calls – Tips for more effective audio conferences.

Skype and VoIP vs ‘proper’ phone conferencing – What’s are the differences?

Enlightened Organisations

The Organizations listed below are either helping to protect the environment or raising awareness of the dire consequences of not doing so. We salute them and encourage you to check them out:

Carbon Footprint – Calculate your carbon footprint, reduce it and then offset it.

EarthWire – The Environmental News Portal.

The Carbon Trust – Government-funded independent company, helps businesses and the public sector to cut carbon emissions.