How Conference Calling Can Help Remote Workers – Video

Conference calling – the advantages  for remote workers.

As the number of employees working remotely increases, an article published on the Business News Daily website has offered advice for managing remote workers. We take a look at the advice and how conference calling can be used. As Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently banned all Yahoo employees from working from home, it has become clear that managing remote workers requires effort to ensure productivity and teamwork are maintained.

According to the article, the biggest concern of working remotely is the effect it could have on communication and collaboration which ultimately, could reduce productivity. In order to avoid this, it is suggested that remote employees be able to make quick decisions and reach each other on a regular basis. Further, suggestions are made that decisions should not be made over email despite this being a convenient method of communication.

A spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing recently explained how conference calling can help ensure communication and collaboration are maintained when working remotely:

“Working at home has many advantages but one of the downsides can be a lack of structure to an employee’s day and a feeling of isolation. One effective way of combating such problems is to have regular ‘check in’ conference calls where project teams or departments meeting to ensure everything is on track and everyone is on board. These do not have to be long calls, sometimes 15 minutes is enough, it just means that everyone stays connected and engaged.”

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