Increase your productivity with conference calls – Video

Can conference calls increase productivity?

Do you want to increase your productivity in 2014? Business News Daily has released some top tips for improving productivity in the New Year. We take a look at these suggestions in today’s video.

The recently published article suggests that as many workers resolve to be more productive, the answer does not lie in chaining yourself to your desk. The article also puts forward that a few small changes to your daily routine can improve focus.

A tip offered in the article is to move around and that this be put into practise by taking conference calls while walking. It is also stated that working from a different environment once a week can renew energy. The ability to easily and cost effectively make conference calls, also supports these emerging preferences.

A spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing recently offered their advice for increasing productivity by using conference calling:

“Many of our customers take the opportunity to enjoy a change of scenery whilst meeting by phone.

By stepping outside the office and dialling into conference calls from your mobile phone, you instantly get privacy and remove yourself from the distractions of the office.

There’s a long tradition of business leaders and politicians meeting ‘on the hoof’ whilst walking in parks or gardens.

Strolling with a phone and a headset whilst meeting is simply a modern equivalent and one we wholeheartedly support and do ourselves regularly.”

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