Conference Call Interview Tips – Video

Conference Call Interview Tips

The ‘Inside Higher Ed’ website has recently released an article alluding to the fact that traditional interviews are a thing of the past in some niches. The article goes on to advise interviewees how to be successful in an interview conducted via conference call. This video looks into the advice given.

Interviewing Over Conference Call

Interviewing Over Conference Call

Interviewees are still advised to wear what they ordinarily would do to a traditional interview to maintain a professional image and project confidence. It was also suggested that the conference call interview should be ‘attended’ in a private, quiet environment. It is still important to answer questions concisely and to try and relax during the interview process, even though the interviewee wouldn’t necessarily receive positive feedback as they may do in a traditional interview.

A representative of Buzz Conferencing was recently quoted as saying:

“Making a good first impression is just as important for the company hiring as it is for the candidate so we advise both parties to call in from land line phones as opposed to mobiles or internet phones as line quality can vary dramatically. We also suggest that prospective employers record interview conference calls for future reference as replaying them later and perhaps sharing with other colleagues can help make decisions in tie breaker situations.”


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