Ice Breaker Games Help Conference Calls

New article looks at how icebreaker games can influence the quality of conference calls

An article released recently on the Advise America website has explained that ice breaker games can be invaluable in conference call situations where not every attendee knows each other. In this video, we will discuss the use of ice breakers in conference calls.

A good ice breaker game requires creativity as the personalities of those attending the conference call need to be considered. In fact, it can be quite difficult to find an appropriate game as it is important that it reflects both the tone and occasion conference callsof the meeting.

The ice breaker ideas provided in the article include attendees giving a fun fact about themselves, individuals picking a superhero they would most like to be and the reasons why, and asking participants what three things they would take to a desert island. A spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing said recently …

“Some great ideas here, icebreakers really help people feel comfortable speaking on conference calls. We’d encourage the chairperson to give participants permission to engage by saying something along the lines of “There’s nothing in my job description which says we can’t have fun so…. and introduce the game by going first. This is particularly important in organisations that have a formal business culture.”

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