News, news everywhere and not a thing to read!

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Entering in to a new year, it’s only natural to take a look back and assess the year we’ve just left. Scanning over the top headlines of 2015 makes for both grim and at times, utterly baffling reading.

Collectively the human race has endured a seemingly endless barrage of misery and barbarism that seems to be outdone in terms of scale and callousness every month.

While incomparable to the suffering of those directly involved in fleeing civil war or those caught up in acts of terror or coping with natural disasters, when the message coming through is constantly one of fear and terror it takes a mental toil on the audience who in our new digital age are mostly passive consumers of news.

Whether through being overwhelmed by choice or through indifference, according to the Pew Research Center, over 45% of smartphone users only consume the news that are sent to them through push notifications with only 7% following up on headlines to read the full story.

Never before have humans had access to so much information from so many different sources so readily, yet many of us are happy to passively receive content in bite sized chunks.

A small step for man

Perhaps part of the reason for our increasing apathy lies within the huge noise to signal ratio that exists in our modern world.

There is a lot of content competing for our attention and at times it can be difficult to decipher what is driving certain stories popularity – audience appetite or commercial interests.

While the Kardashians and Jenners have again dominated many news cycles across the globe, bizarrely, the work of Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been relatively muted in comparison.

In terms of global impact and the possibilities for the human race, few could argue the case between reality television stars and the project to reduce space transportation costs and eventually colonize Mars – yet December’s successful launch and landing of the Falcon 9 rocket moving the world closer to reusable rockets, massively cutting the cost of space launches it garnered little attention from the majority of news outlets.

Increasingly it is becoming evident that if a news story can’t be condensed into an easily consumable piece it gets swept away.

Worth is a very difficult attribute to quantify, yet what was once celebrity tittle tattle has now been loaded on to the news cycle at the expense of other stories of greater substance as the lines of news and entertainment become increasingly blurred.

Tune the dial

This phenomenon does not solely lie within our news media.

For businesses, how they approach and handle their communications demands far more care and attention than ever before.

Every business needs to think carefully about how they choose to communicate with their client base and also internally to ensure their message does not simply get lost amongst the ever-increasing noise of our modern world.

While the immediacy and convenience of many forms of digital communication can be a compelling draw, effectiveness surely outweighs all other considerations – no matter how quickly you can communicate, if one side is not receiving then as a business you are effectively shouting into the void.

It’s for these very reasons that so many businesses are either returning to or maintaining their telephone conferencing services. There is no better immediacy than a spoken conversation and by removing any chance of misinterpretation telephone conferencing is still the most productive and effective form of communication for modern businesses.