Conference Calls Vs Email – Video

Conference Calls Vs Email?

According to a recent article on The Guardian website, email distractions and conversations can waste time. We take a look at how conference calling could in fact be a more effective means of communication.

Suggestions have been made that as emails have become the default method of communication, a lot of time is wasted checking emails and engaging in unnecessary email conversations.

Conference Calls

Conference calls vs. email

It is suggested that emails are not always the most effective way of communicating. According to the article, there are many instances in which conference calling would be more appropriate and effective; such as the discussion of ideas. The use of audio calling will allow for a simple and quick explanation as well as instant feedback.

We asked a spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing for his thoughts on the use of conference calling in place of emails in certain situations:

“Email is a vital business tool but can very quickly lead to confusion as everyone copies everyone else in on long trains of thought.

Conference calls can be a great way of quickly, easily and cheaply bringing everyone together into a single meeting to focus on getting issues resolved by making sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

Rather than engage in long email chains, we suggest convening a quick conference call and working through the issue. Conference calls can be recorded so there is a record of action points to review later if required.”


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