Are Conference Calls Notoriously Boring?

This video considers how conference calls can be kept brief, interesting and engaging

An article published recently has discussed communication errors and how to avoid them. One of the topics covered in the article is avoiding boring communication. In today’s video, we discuss how to ensure conference calls are interesting.

conference callsAccording to the author of the article, Andy Bounds, tedious conference calls is one of the ten most common communication errors.

Suggestions are made within the article that conference call organisers should always ask attendees how they can make the meeting more interesting. The author urges individuals to implement the feedback they receive, as it is suggested that not many people do this.

A spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing said recently …

“Andy shares some great tips that we fully endorse. We particularly like the tip about keeping meetings short. Most conference calls start on the hour and last for either 30 or 60 minutes. We often wonder how many of those hour long meetings could be kept to 45 minutes and still be as productive. Much better to have short frequent ‘check-in’ type conference calls than lengthy calls which are just padded out to make up the time.”

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