Conference Calling In Large Organisations – Video

Conference Calling In Large Businesses:

It has recently been reported that global services company American Express hosted a live audio webcast of its investor conference. In today’s video, we discuss how large organisations are using conference calling solutions to deliver information to the public.

Reports have suggested that an audio replay of the conference call which discussed fourth quarter and full year 2013 financial results was made available to the general public through the American Express Investor Relations website. Reportedly, the public had the opportunity to access a live audio web cast at the time of the call on the same website.

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Conference Calls For Large Companies

A spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing recently offered his thoughts on this use of conference calling:

“Investor relations calls are a very popular use of telephone conferencing technology as they allow shareholders from all over the world to listen in live to proceedings or hear the recording later without needing any special technology – a standard land line or mobile phone are all that’s required.

The use of security PINs means that only those who are entitled to dial in can get access which is important given the sensitive nature of this type of call.”


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