How To Make Conference Calling Interactive – Video

How to make conference calling more effective.

The recommendation for making a conference call interactive has been revealed in a recently published article. In today’s video, we discuss how to make conference calls interactive.

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Interactive Conference Calls

It has been suggested that conference calls need to be structured, organised and interactive to be effective. Suggestions have been made that the time for discussion and questions should be built into the agenda, however, the conversation should stay on-track to meet the objectives.

We asked a spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing for his views on making a conference call interactive:

“Perhaps surprisingly a well chaired conference call can be more effective than a face to face meeting as there is less temptation to hold ‘side meetings’ and hence more focus on the matter in hand.

It is important to make sure everyone has their say and opportunities to ask questions should always be included in the agenda”.

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