Is conference calling or video conferencing best for home workers?

Why you should opt for conference calling rather than video conferencing when working from home

conference callingA recent article has urged those who work from home to avoid video conferencing and instead opt for conference calling technology. This video will discuss why conference calls are great for those who work from home.

Jennifer Tuohy’s article published on the website has urged those who work from home to avoid video conferencing. Tuohy acknowledges how busy those who work from home are as a result of the blurred lines between work and home life and as such, suggests that the time taken to look respectable for a video conference can be used much more productively!

A spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing offered further benefits of using conference calls instead of video conferencing for those who work from home…

“A great article and one which bears out our experience when it comes to video conferencing. Whilst the idea of being able to see remote parties sounds appealing, in practice using video can often be an unnecessary distraction and time-stealer due to the almost inevitable technical glitches – especially when trying to connect over unreliable or slow domestic internet connections.”

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