Conference Calling Crucial to Business

Conference calling is crucial in today’s workplace

A recent blog post has highlighted conference calling as being a fundamental part of business, helped by improvements in digital technology. The following video discusses why conference calling is such a necessity in the modern day workplace.

The ‘Strategy and Business’ blog have recently posted an article regarding the marked increase in the use of technology for aiding teamwork and collaboration between people in different locations in real-time. The article also alludes to the fact that there are rising numbers of young people involved in business teams, which brings with it a greater demand for being able to work in various types of locations, rather than a traditional office or headquarters.

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Conference Calls Becoming Essential

The article suggests that use of services such as audio conferences, have positive effects on drive, enthusiasm, performance and the amount of work completed. Given such positive results, it is little wonder that conference calling is playing a vital role in the modern business world.

A representative of Buzz Conferencing offered their take on the necessity of conferencing calling in the ever evolving world of business:

“We are noticing a trend away from large pre-arranged formal meetings held in office meeting rooms towards smaller, more frequent ‘check in, status update’ meetings held informally over the phone between members of project teams working all over the world. These phone meetings are often choice in nature and called by managers when there are specific issues to discuss. It’s quick and easy and cheap to convene a conference call and so we expect this trend to continue as business teams become ever more geographically dispersed.”


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