Conference Call Tips

How To Effectively Communicate With Staff By Using These Conference Call Tips

An article released on the Poynter website has asked the question, how can you manage people you cannot see? In today’s video, we discuss how managers can effectively communicate with remote workers and freelancers through the use of conference calling technology.

It is highlighted in the article that while advancements in technology support remote working, many find it challenging to effectively communicate with staff members working in a different location with these conference call tips.conference call tips

According to the article, to effectively communicate to a group of workers during a conference call, managers should share a prepared agenda prior to the conference call; ensure that the conference call is kept to the prearranged time constraints; make sure the meeting stays on track; and they should follow up with an email after the call has taken place.

We asked a spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing for his top tips for effectively communicating with staff members during a conference call…

“An outstanding article full of great tips all of which we support. We particularly like the suggestion of sending out a brief email summary after the meeting which participants can keep as an aid memoir. Some conference call systems including our own allow the chairperson to record the call so we suggest including a copy of the recoding with the summary email in case recipients wish to review contributions in more detail. There’s no charge for this service and takes just a couple of key presses to activate”.

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