How To Ensure Conference Call Success

These are essential tips to get the most out of your conference call


Website Media Bistro has offered some top tips on conference call etiquette. In today’s video, we ask the question ‘how can you ensure your next conference call is a success?’

The suggestions offered in the article include avoiding the temptation to check emails during the call, ensuring background noise is eliminated and allowing others to have sufficient time to talk.conference call

We asked a spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing, for his top tips for a successful conference call…

“Our two most important tips for effective conference calls are punctuality and having an effective chairperson. It’s important that everyone arrives promptly so as not to disturb the call calling in late and causing delegates to waste time repeating themselves to late comers. Nominating a chairperson responsible for making sure that everyone has their turn to speak means that nobody feels left out and decisions can be made taking everyone’s input into account”.

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