How To Avoid Conference Call Disasters

How simple and thorough preparation can make any conference call run smoothly

An article published on American website Seattle Times has made suggestions on how to avoid a terrible conference call. This video will examine the advice offered and discuss the importance of prepping participants.

It is suggested in the article that the host of the conference call should prep the participants to ensure that the meeting goes smoothly. The key topics to address suggest include reminding participants to mute their phones to avoid background noise, to ask mobile phones to be silenced if not being used and to request that all attendees speak loudly and clearly.conference call

We asked a spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing for his suggestions on ensuring the smooth running of a conference call.

“In our experience the secret of great conference calls is having an effective Chairperson who is both familiar with the technology being used and not afraid to take control to ensure everyone has their say.

One of the surest ways to ensure proceedings run smoothly is to steer clear of systems which rely on the internet to make connections. Telephone based system are much more reliable as they are designed from the ground up to carry voice as opposed to data resulting in clearer lines which do not drop”.

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