Green Conference Call Technology?

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Conference Call Technology Can Help Organisations To Become Green

An article released on the Info Tech Zone website discusses how conference calling technology can help organisations become greener. We take a look at the article in today’s video and ask …

Why Conference Calling Supports Teams

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How Call Conference Calling Can Support Telecommuting

A news article has discussed what is required for telecommuting to work. We take a look at the article in today’s video and discuss how call conferencing can be used to support telecommuting.…

How to host a conference call

How to host a conference call (Image credit: Thinkstock/Creatas)

Thanks to modern technology, taking part in a conference call couldn't be simpler. Just follow the instructions from the call leader when inputting your pin at the bridge and before you know it, you can be talking with colleagues and …

Conference Calls And Audience Engagement

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Keeping The Audience Alert During Conference Calls

An article published on the Business Management Daily website has suggested three tips for those leading a conference call to ensure the audience is kept alert. We take a look at the tips …

How To Avoid Conference Call Disasters

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How simple and thorough preparation can make any conference call run smoothly

An article published on American website Seattle Times has made suggestions on how to avoid a terrible conference call. This video will examine the advice offered and discuss …

Why use conference calling?

Why use conference calling? (Image credit: Thinkstock/iStock)

When it comes to expanding your business, communication is key. Whether it be with clients or other colleagues, if you can’t speak to others in an effective and efficient manner, then you’re up against it right from the start.

However, …