Tips for SMEs on audio conferencing

Tips for SMEs on audio conferencing

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may increasingly turn to audio conferencing in the future.

This medium offers them a great deal of freedom, as they can arrange conference calls at short notice – even with an international audience – and this allows them to save both time and money.

As well as this, conferencing is also a much greener way to hold meetings, as it cuts down on the travelling – whether by car, train or plane – involved in making people come into the office. However, SMEs should look to adopt best practices to ensure their conference calls pass off without a hitch.

Get organised

If audio conferences are going to be efficient and effective, everyone attending has to be aware of what is going to be discussed. This is why the purpose, agenda and time limit of the call should be circulated to everyone before getting started.

People are also advised to dial into the conference call five minutes before the meeting is due to start. This way everyone should be ready for the call, which means it can kick off on time.

Carry out introductions

On calls featuring a number of people, it is a good idea to spend a couple of minutes making sure everyone introduces themselves, as this lets everyone know who is involved. Similarly, individuals should identify themselves by name before speaking.

When participants are not speaking, they should mute their phone in order to eliminate background noise. They should also avoid placing people on hold, as this music will then be played for everyone on the call.

Follow-up the conference

Once the meeting is finished, the chair should distribute minutes, action points and any details of upcoming audio conferences. This keeps all participants in the loop and helps them to take away as much information as possible.

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