Cloud apps “work alone to come together”

Cloud apps "work alone to come together"

Using new technology and software such as cloud tools can help employees collaborate better than if they are forced to work together.

That is according to an article in the BBC, which outlines a number of useful apps that employees can use to "work alone to come together".

As it is now easier than ever to collaborate with colleagues who are located all over the globe and within different time zones, employers have to move with the times to adopt these apps in order to increase flexibility.

In turn, productivity will be boosted and employees will be able to benefit from a greater ability to take control of their work/life balance.

Take Dropbox, for example. The file hosting service allows users to save files on the cloud rather than on their own hard drive. This means they can access important documents from anywhere, even via their smartphone or tablet if they download the free app.

Using free conference call services is another great way for colleagues to collaborate, as they allow three or more people to conduct a virtual meeting from wherever they are located. This handy tool is also beneficial for companies that are trying to break into global markets, as international calls are low-cost.

Evernote is another convenient collaborative app, as it enables users to take notes that can be shared with others.

The company's chief executive Phil Libin says the firm has its own way of looking at how collaboration tools should be used.

He said: "In general I think we have a pretty different take with Evernote Business on what collaboration should be like. We think most business software is fundamentally about collaboration. Evernote is for yourself, the collaboration should come automatically as a result of that."

Large software firms have also recognised the benefits of using cloud-based apps and companies such as Microsoft have stopped selling their products in retail boxes, instead producing online subscription packages for users.

Again, this fits in neatly with today's constantly moving and evolving society, as it allows people to access all their online files – documents, photos, presentations and more – from any device in any location.