Poor employee health leads to poor workplace performance

Poor employee health leads to poor workplace performance

Stressed out, over-worked employees must be encouraged to take care of their wellbeing if overall productivity is to be boosted.

That is according to a study by Vielife in Workplace Savings and Benefits, which found a direct correlation between lifestyle choices and behaviour in the workplace. For example, those who do not get a good night's sleep or have poor nutrition are more likely to be less productive and have a higher rate of absenteeism.

Results from Vielife's survey found that people who had a good night's sleep and made better lifestyle choices had a 67 per cent higher rate of effectiveness in their tasks. This is compared to 28 per cent of those surveyed who said they suffered from stress and 36 per cent of people who believe their diet is poor – inevitably these factors are contributing to poor production at work, Vielife stated.

Therefore, if employers take note and invest in wellbeing programmes for their staff members, they will see the effects as workplace productivity is boosted and the rate of employee absences drops.

Right Management Workplace Wellness clinical director Kevin Friery said: "Employees engaging in wellbeing programmes are given tools which allow them to bounce back from life's adversities, realising increases in productivity and efficiency levels."

In addition, employees are also able to make better at-work decisions, while decreasing illness and absenteeism and minimising latent business costs, Mr Friery added.

One way in which many companies are boosting employee wellbeing is by rolling out programmes which allow their employees to work remotely.

Embracing flexible working practices could be a great move for many employers, as allowing staff to take greater control of their work-life balance can result in higher morale and lead to better productivity.

To do this, implementing tools such as conference calls to make sure flexible workers can keep in touch wherever they are could be highly valuable. And for those who believe that teleworking can cost a company money, the reverse is actually true and savings can be made thanks to free teleconferencing solutions that can reduce a company's overheads as well as allow people to keep in contact.