How can I take advantage of international conference calling?

How can I take advantage of international conference calling? (Thinkstock/iStock)

It’s likely that at some point in everyone’s life, they’ll be required to contact friends, family or colleagues while they are overseas.

However, this isn’t always ideal, as the costs of doing so can often be astronomical, despite recent efforts to standardise the charges made by telecommunications operators.

This financial impact can understandably be a real turn-off, meaning that when the reasons for phoning home are anything but a necessity, people tend to keep the number of calls they make to a minimum, while watching the amount of time they spend in conversation like a hawk.

There are certain occasions when you can’t avoid making international calls. In business, for example, it is probable that a member of staff who is doing work overseas will be required to keep in touch with their office while they are away. On the flipside, speaking to colleagues and contacts in another country could be a regular requirement of a person carrying out their daily duties in the UK.

Fortunately, there is a solution to enable such calls to take place, without paying international rates. One of Buzz Conferencing’s features is that it offers its services to those looking to make overseas calls, meaning it’s possible to communicate with people in another country using our free conference calling facility.

How international conference calling can benefit the team

With the Commonwealth Games officially getting underway in Glasgow today (July 23rd), this gives us the perfect example of how international conference calling can be used effectively.

As representatives of 71 nations participate, it’s inevitable that competitors will want to speak to their loved ones who couldn’t make it to Scotland. The event lasts for 11 days, which can be a long time to go without speaking to someone who they may normally have contact with every day!

Keeping athletes happy will be a prime concern of team leaders who want to ensure their performers have no distractions, so ensuring they don’t get homesick will be a key priority. But with busy training schedules to adhere to, how can they fit in the time to speak to everyone they’ve left behind?

Perhaps the answer is international conference calling. Because our services can cater for up to 3,000 people on a teleconference, even the largest families will be catered for! All the participants need to do after receiving their pin is find out the local number they need to dial to be bridged into the conversation, thus avoiding those sky-high charges you’d normally associate with speaking to another country.

Athletes from Team Canada, for example, will pay just five Canadian cents per minute for their call and that’s it, no subscription costs or setup fees apply.

What countries can use Buzz’s international conference calling?

In total, we can offer local access to 15 different countries, with each of these benefiting from low-rate per-minute charges and no need to add an international prefix when speaking to people from another part of the world.

Some of the areas we cover include:

  • The US
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • South Africa

It means that those based within the UK can speak to these regions and many more for no more than 5.8p + VAT per minute plus the phone company’s access charge from a landline or just 12.5p + VAT per minute from a UK mobile using our UK mobile short-code 8762763.

Similarly, those who want to participate from a country we do not cover at a local rate can still get involved. All they need to do is call our German number, as this works from anywhere in the world.

Regardless of where you are on the planet, maintaining a line of communication is important and whether the purpose of your conversation is business or pleasure, we can help you over the finish line.