Fathers seeking to reduce working hours

Fathers seeking to reduce working hours

Some 57 per cent of fathers who work full time would like to reduce their hours.

A report by Office Angels has found that men with children are increasingly willing to scale back their working days so they can spend more time at home. At present, 74 per cent of those questioned are doing 35 to 40 hours a week, while 19 per cent are going beyond the 40-hour mark.

When asked why they want to go part-time, 31 per cent said it was to achieve a better work/life balance, 31 per cent are looking to spend more time with their children and 32 per cent are keen to help with the running of the home.

Dads who decide to spend more time at home can still attend any important meetings through the use of conference calls. The technology cuts down on the need for people to travel into the office in order to take part in discussions, which is also more cost-effective in the long-term.

A good tip for those taking part in audio conferencing is to get them to mute their handsets at the conference bridge, as this should cut down on a lot of the excess background noise that may otherwise make it difficult for people to be heard.

Plans are currently being discussed that will see parents being able to share their 50-week maternity leave entitlement by 2015. This points to a more flexible working pattern being embraced by companies, which should ultimately help mothers and fathers.

Angela Smith, operations director of Office Angels, said: "A new trend has emerged: that of the part-time dads, who take a greater role in the upbringing of their children. We found that it is not just financial matters alone that steer these life choices. Work/life balance is increasingly a subject that weighs heavy on dads' minds".

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