Brits to seek new work/life balance in 2013

Brits to seek new work/life balance in 2013

Britons found it far easier to balance work and their personal lives last year and this trend is likely to gather pace in 2013.

According to recruitment specialist Hays, 52 per cent of the UK's workforce regularly take their work home with them. This, the company stated, explains why Britain usually tops the list of the longest working hours in Europe, with the average person doing 42.7 hours a week.

Numerous studies have suggested that employees who benefit from such flexible working arrangements are generally more productive. More and more people are choosing to work remotely and technological advancements have enabled people to spend less time in the office.

By making full use of cheap conference calls, companies can stage meetings without having to drag all of their employees into headquarters. Not only does this save money on overheads such as electricity, it also has a positive effect on staff morale.

Although having the option of working from the comfort of your own home is good to have, regional managing director at Hays Mark Sheldon believes that employees must be careful not to not jeopardise their work/life balance.

"In a competitive and challenging jobs market workers may feel they have to work longer hours to show their value and commitment," he remarked.

"Hard work should always be applauded but working smart and maintaining your wellbeing should go hand in hand and should be top of everybody's new year's resolution list."

There has been a noticeable change in Britons' attitude towards work in recent years. The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) believes the demand for flexible working arrangements will grow even more dramatically in 2013.

Indeed, the organisation stated that the UK's labour force has become increasingly dynamic of late and as many as 46 per cent of jobs are now deemed to be flexible. REC chief executive Kevin Green added that remote working will become more common in the professional and managerial marketplaces in particular and recruitment agencies are increasingly expected to help people find jobs that enable employees to work on the move.

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