Wiltshire Council boosts remote working

Wiltshire Council boosts remote working

Wiltshire Council is adopting a range of measures to allow its employees to be able to work flexibly from home, remotely or while on-the-go.

This will enable council staff to fulfil tasks such as filing reports and undertaking other administrative tasks via mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

In order to do this, Wiltshire Council has migrated to online computing solutions – such as cloud technology – which allows users to access saved data from any device.

Andy Spurway, head of service delivery at the local authority, said: "Wiltshire Council is now a fully agile business. We wanted integrated solutions with the most flexibility possible. We've reduced downtime, increased collaboration and seen cost-savings across the organisation."

Measures such as this have numerous benefits – for example, employees and company heads can reduce the time they spend in transit helping to lower their carbon footprint.

In addition, adopting flexible working within large organisations can help to cut the financial drain of unused desk space, leading to savings of up to £34 billion.

However, managers often vastly underestimate the potential cost benefits, research by Vodafone has shown.

In partnership with YouGov, the mobile phone giant surveyed 500 key decision makers and found that despite the average desk costing companies thousands of pounds each year, more than one in three managers have not considered cost-cutting solutions such as home working.

Employers who were surveyed said that introducing flexible working could lead to an average of 46 desks in each office no longer being needed. This in turn could generate billions in savings if only managers were to realise the financial benefits.

Perhaps one of the biggest deterrents faced by employers is how to keep effective lines of communication open between employees working at home – but this needn't be an issue as cheap conference calls can easily solve the issue.

Whether it is for an important meeting, regular training or a one-to-one conversation, teleconferencing allows employees from all parts of the globe to get in touch almost immediately.