Shell supports 135,000 staff through BYOD

Shell supports 135,000 staff through BYOD

In a bid to retain staff and be seen as an attractive place to work, Shell has announced it is to support 135,000 employees through a bring your own device scheme (BYOD).

But rather than 'bring' your own device, the company is planning to allow employees to select one themselves and 'buy' it for them.

The main reason for this decision, the company said, is to move with the times and offer flexible working patterns and an open working environment for future employees, technology site reports.

Ken Mann, enterprise information security architect at Shell, said: “In about five to ten years, 50 per cent of our staff worldwide will retire. We’re going to have a lot of people turning over, and we want to be able to attract and retain talented and young staff. They don’t want to come into a locked corporate environment.”

In order to be able to implement the scheme, Shell has moved towards cloud based computing, which allows employees to access shared networks from any location and on any device.

Many UK firms can also benefit from allowing their employees to use their own devices when conducting work, and the trend has grown steadily over the years.

In addition, with advancements in technology, it is easier than ever to roll out the scheme. As well as using cloud software, firms may want to use free conference calls to complement the benefits associated with BYOD.

By using this technology, organisations can hold meetings over the phone with little or no notice, while it is also environmentally-friendly because it cuts down on the amount of travelling that employees have to do.

If companies are going to offer flexible working – which is becoming increasingly popular in the digital age – then conference calling can make it easy to stay in touch with staff who are working from home, even if this is in a different country.

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