Needing a reason to work from home?

Needing a reason to work from home? (Image credit: Thinkstock/iStock)

We all have our own bugbears when it comes to office life. From colleagues who have no understanding of the concept of personal space, to those who feel the need to tell you about every little insignificant detail of their …

Conference Calling Aids Credibility for Start-ups

conferencing calls for start ups

Start-ups increase professionalism through conference calling.

It is widely reported that working remotely is a strategy often employed by start ups to save the cost of renting an office space. In this video, we explain why conference calling contributes to …

Can flexible working mark the end of post-baby blues?

Can flexible working mark the end of post-baby blues? (photo credit:Thinkstock/iStock)

Own a nice car, travel the world, clear all debts. While these three dream scenarios could be on anyone's wishlist, they actually form the basis of recent research that looked into what the average UK woman would like to achieve …

How To Use Conference Calls With Remote Workers

Conference calls and remote workers

Are conference calls an efficient resource when managing remote workers?

As the number of employees working remotely increases, an article published on the Business News Daily website has offered advice for managing remote workers. We take a look at the …

Conference Calls – Can They Increase Sales? – Video

This posts looks at how conference calls can be used to help the sales effort.

It has recently been suggested that most people associate conference calls with internal meetings. In today’s video, we take a look at how conference calling …

How To Make Conference Calling Interactive – Video

conference calling, conference call, conference calls

How to make conference calling more effective.

The recommendation for making a conference call interactive has been revealed in a recently published article. In today’s video, we discuss how to make conference calls interactive.

It has been suggested that conference …