New generation of employees ‘value flexible working’

New generation of employees 'value flexible working'

Younger professionals who are moving into more senior positions as part of their gradual development in the workplace view technology as far more integrated into their everyday lives than their older counterparts.

This is according to Deloitte's latest Upwardly Mobile report – conducted on behalf of EE – which suggested members of staff who were born after 1980 and before the mid-1990s are likely to increase the use of mobile devices in business.

Although only one in five employees in large companies said they are equipped to work remotely at the moment, analysts noted that this could be set to rise in the next few years – revolutionising the way in which company administration is conducted.

In addition, the rise in technology use among this group of workers – named Generation Y in the report – is also likely to lead to a surge in demand for business web services.

The corporate world is currently lagging behind consumers in the adoption of mobile technology. While 61 per cent of people own a smartphone, just over a third of firms allow their staff to make use of this type of handset on the job.

Researchers found that six in ten respondents said they had been held back from embracing mobile technology by security policies at work, suggesting that fears still remain regarding data protection.

However, as worries regarding this issue gradually begin to subside, an increasing number of firms are adopting flexible working policies in a bid to increase worker productivity and reduce absences.  

Cloud computing and conference call technology have emerged as an integral part of any remote working capabilities, allowing managers to keep in touch with employees from any location.