Keeping staff motivated ‘can boost customer satisfaction and profits’

Keeping staff motivated 'can boost customer satisfaction and profits'

Unhappy and unmotivated staff can seriously impact upon a company's bottom line, new research into UK consumers' attitudes to customer service has revealed.

Once again highlighting the benefits of ensuring employees are engaged and happy, the latest report from the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) notes that, while consumers across the UK now face fewer problems when dealing with the public faces of businesses, they are now more ready than ever to complain when things go wrong.

Indeed, according to the professional body's newly-published 'Handle with Care' report, the proportion of customers who experience a problem and go on to make a formal complaint about it rose from 72 per cent to 76 per cent over the past 12 months.

Notably, poor staff attitude, along with a lack of general competence, was found to be the biggest single cause of complaints, accounting for around six in ten of all gripes, suggesting call centre operators and other businesses that deal directly with consumers ensure that they do all they can to keep their teams well-motivated and eager to do their jobs well.

"Organisations need to ensure that all customer contacts are handled consistenly well," noted Jo Causon, chief executive of the ICS.

Alongside competitive pay, a spate of recent studies have shown that allowing staff to benefit from flexible working patterns, for instance by enabling them to make use of conference call services while at home, can go a long way towards keeping workplace happiness levels high, and therefore keeping customers coming back.

This comes soon after a separate report, compiled and released by Accenture, found that one in three UK businesses are currently struggling to hold on to their best workers.

Moreover, a third of those companies polled by the consultancy firm stated that they expect staff retention to be one of the key challenges facing businesses right across Britain over the next few months, again pointing to the potential benefits of keeping workers happy by offering them flexible workers and other attractive benefits.

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