How effective are conference calls in improving business operations?

How effective are conference calls in improving business operations? (Image credit: Thinkstock/iStock)

Some elements of running a business have never changed and probably never will.

A fine example of this is utilising modern technology to try to gain an edge over your competitors, whether that be through being able to provide a better product, do more with the time you have or decrease your overheads so there is more profit to be had.

While teleconferencing might not be able to help you with the first of these three objectives, it can certainly make a difference to the latter two.

So, how can using conference calling improve the operation of your business? Here are a few examples.

Improving your efficiency with conference calling

Managing your diary to ensure you can cram in as many meetings as possible in one working day can often be an arduous task, particularly when travel is involved. However, by cutting out your time spent in transit, you can naturally free up space that can be better spent than sitting in a car or on a train waiting to get from A to B.

Teleconferencing allows you to achieve this with no trouble at all and it's quite feasible to be able to conduct back-to-back meetings throughout the day without even leaving the office!

However, we would recommend you don't axe the traditional face-to-face gathering completely, as there is still a lot to be said for making a personal connection with your contact or client. Instead, why not ease yourself into a new teleconferencing regime, perhaps replacing one in every five get-togethers with a conference call instead?

This way, you can ensure that the really important meetings still go on as normal, but you use teleconferencing to maintain regular contact with your associates instead, allowing you to continue to build that relationship up between the two of you.

Reduce your spending with teleconferencing

One of the great aspects of using Buzz Conferencing is that the service is free! There is no setup charge, no expensive equipment to invest in and no subscription fees. All you need is a telephone and a computer to create your account and generate your pins, then you're ready to go.

After that, the only charge you pay is what you would normally be billed for dialling an 0845 number and each participant is responsible for the cost of their own call. 

Furthermore, this applies to international teleconferencers as well, meaning they dial their country's equivalent number at no extra fee. This way, you can communicate with the other side of the world without ever being hit in the pocket.

Free conference calling is a great way to reduce the operating costs of your business, especially when you consider how much you would normally fork out for travel expenses, whether they be international or domestic.

Using teleconferencing to improve business coordination

Of course, you don't have to just limit your use of conference calling to conversations between clients. 

This technology is also great to help with the cohesion of different departments across the company, regardless of their geographical location. Training sessions, brainstorming meetings and progress update reports can all be carried out via this medium, ensuring that you should never have to worry about a lack of communication between the different areas of your business.

Similarly, with more people now opting to work from home, this can also help to promote a culture of flexible working, meaning that even if your personnel are not based in the office, they can still contribute and be kept in the loop with company meetings.

The great thing about using Buzz Conferencing is that even if you have never used teleconferencing before, you have absolutely nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by giving it a go.