Flexible working ‘encouraged by management consultancies’

Flexible working 'encouraged by management consultancies'

Firms are increasingly introducing flexible working into their management consultancy proposals.

Research by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) has found that 82 per cent of companies do not think their business would be negatively affected by the introduction of the measure. On top of this, 65 per cent have already engaged a consulting team on a flexible basis.

Moving forward, 76 per cent admitted they expect management consultancies to promote flexible working, while many are looking to amend their own internal working practices to reflect this.

Indeed, 85 per cent of those questioned think getting the right consulting firm for the job is more important than what hours they are going to work.

If companies want to be successful with flexible working, then they should look to take advantage of the benefits associated with conference calls. Not only is it a cost-effective solution for hosting meetings, it is also environmentally-friendly as it cuts down on the amount of travelling that workers have to do.

Speaking about the findings, Alan Leaman, chief executive of the MCA, said: "Our research has found that consulting clients are willing to embrace more flexible working practices from their consultants – focusing on the results they achieve rather than the hours that they work. This comes at a good time, as firms across the industry are offering their consultants more job flexibility to provide a better work-life balance and to encourage the recruitment and retention of top talent."   

He noted the biggest challenge facing consulting teams is to make sure their clients are confident in the service they are offering, as they seek to overcome the problem of communication and ability.

Mr Leaman added firms need to be able to refine, evolve and analyse their offering if they want to continue to be successful in the industry they are operating in, while they should also be able to demonstrate their capacity for flexible working. 

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