Employee engagement ‘key to business success’

Employee engagement 'key to business success'

Businesses need to focus on employee engagement if they want to be successful.

This is according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Hay Group Insight, as the two groups feel many firms are failing to find out if worker morale is high.

A fully engaged workforce will typically offer greater productivity and performance, which in turn should help companies to grow. Therefore, this is an area organisations need to concentrate on in order to be successful in the long term.

One way firms can take the welfare of their workers seriously is to use conference call technology. This means that flexible working patterns can be adopted quite easily, as people are still available over the phone for any important meetings.

As well as this, this method is considerably kinder to the environment, because individuals do not have to travel to and from the office. With business efficiency such a big issue for firms, they should be looking to be as cost-efficient as possible in the current economic backdrop.

Ben Hubbard, director of Europe at Hay Group Insight, stated: "High performing companies are using their engagement and enablement strategies to gain a competitive edge over their peers." He added organisations where these policies are implemented successfully can look forward to "a virtuous cycle of performance as they secure and retain the best talent".

"With engagement and enablement levels in the UK now lagging many of our major economic competitors now is the time for leaders to place employee engagement at the top of the agenda," the expert stated.

According to the CIPD, employee engagement is about more than just job satisfaction and motivation, as it is about both employer and employee committing to an organisation. The way people are managed, employee attitudes and business performance will all be improved if companies look after their workforce.