4G interest and awareness on the increase

4G interest and awareness on the increase

Business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of 4G, according to new research.

A study published by business advisory firm Deloitte has revealed a marked uplift in interest in the superfast mobile broadband services among UK consumers.

It found that a third of those surveyed said they were likely to get a 4G phone as their next phone, while 20 per cent said they may subscribe to a 4G service in the next 12 months.

A further 31 per cent said that the price of 4G packages was the main reason why prospective consumers were being put off from subscribing to services at the moment. 

Deloitte's lead telecoms partner Ed Marsden said: "The UK was the eighteenth country in EU28 to launch 4G, but it has enjoyed one of the most enthusiastic take-ups for the service in the region."

The news comes as EE announced earlier this month it had signed up its one millionth 4G customer up to its own service four months ahead of schedule. The company described the UK's adoption rate of 4G as being "among the fastest in the world".

As 4G begins to really take off, it has the potential to create much for flexibility for businesses. Combined with conference call technology, workers will find it much easier to be able to work from home – reducing a company's carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, Deloitte's data also revealed nearly two-fifths of smartphone owners were shocked by their mobile phone bill in their last twelve months, with exceeding their data allowance being the main reason for 31 per cent of those people.

The study also found that Wi-Fi is still the main form of connectivity used by those with smartphones, revealing that the number of people who used Wi-Fi more often than 4G or 3G services actually increased from 58 per cent to 67 per cent over the last year.