International Conference Calls in English?

International conference call tips for those who speak English as a second language

An article published recently on the Women on Business website has provided tips to those who find themselves on international conference calls when English is their second language. We take a look at some of the tips offered in today’s video.

International conference callsThe first tip suggested in the article is for those who speak with an accent. They are encouraged to emphasise and stretch their vowels to ensure that those on the call can hear them easily.

Another tip suggested in the article is for individuals to increase their volume without shouting, by using their breath to get louder without squeezing their throat.

A spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing said recently…

“Some very useful tips here. Whilst the article is aimed at women, the same techniques will work equally well for either gender. It’s a little known fact that women actually have an advantage over men when meeting by phone as female voices carry better over the network than those of males due to their slightly higher frequency characteristics. Speak clearly and slightly louder than you would normally and you are guaranteed to be heard. We also advise calling from a land-line as opposed to a mobile where possible for maximum clarity and impact.”

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