Conference Calls – How To Start With a Personal Touch

How to start with a personal touch in conference calls yet keep control and structure


A recent article published on an American news website has provided readers with tips on working from home. We take a look at the article in today’s video and discuss the use of conference calling when working remotely.

The article published on The Epoch Times website refers to the numerous benefits of working remotely including the flexibility that it brings. The pitfalls, however, are also covered in the article.

It is well known that conference calling is a fantastic technology that supports remote workers. It is suggested in the article that individuals should ensure that they speak out loud to themselves before attending a conference call in the morning to avoid sounding like Kermit the Frog!conference calls

A spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing recently offered his advice to those working remotely that use conference calling technology…

‘This is a great article packed with useful tips. In our experience feelings of isolation is one of the main issues remote workers struggle to overcome. Frequent, informal ‘check in’ conference calls with fellow team members can help. Turn up early to conference calls and ‘shoot the breeze’ about non-work-related topics before the main business starts, or hang on the line after the meeting is over for a chat – just like you would around the office water-cooler’.

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