Euro-nly way is up

Euro-nly way is up (Photo credit: Thinkstock/Hemera)

While just a year or so ago there were question marks over the very future of the eurozone, the latest figures indicate that, just like the UK economy, its fortunes are back on the up.

In January, the region's economy …

Can’t get no satisfaction?

Can't get no satisfaction? (Photo source: Thinkstock/

Yesterday (February 17th), the results of a survey on the satisfaction levels of train users were published and guess what? The vast majority really weren't impressed with what they were seeing.

It's a topic we're familiar with here at Buzz …

The export factor

The export factor (Photo source: Thinkstock/iStock)

The economy is back on the mend and business confidence is the highest it's been in a long time. While, at the moment, these are statements we're hearing all of the time, are you actually doing anything about it?

After …

Business continuity? It’s a breeze

Business continuity? It's a breeze (Photo credit: Thinkstock/Digital Vision)

Anyone would think the end is nigh, given the weather we've been having recently. 

To say it's been a bit rough would be an understatement. Last night (February 12th), strong winds battered the UK, with 105 mph gales recorded in …

Flexible working: Mum’s the word

Flexible working: Mum's the word (Source: Thinkstock/Stockbyte)

One of the most frustrating situations as a company owner or manager is saying so long to good employees who go on maternity leave, especially when you know there's a chance they won't be coming back.

According to the Office …

Mind the gap (or just the tube in general)

Mind the gap (or just the tube in general) (Photo credit: Marcin Wichary)

Expect delays on the London Underground; there's a strike, if you hadn't heard.

Unfortunately, disruptions to services, closed stations and overall inconvenience are nothing new to us Londoners. What with the weather, staff walkouts and general overcrowding, it's not been …