I just gave away £500 and it felt GREAT!

Yesterday morning I called the winner of our monthly prize draw and gave her £500 worth of  Amazon vouchers.

It felt great to be able to make someone’s “Normal” Monday morning into something special and she certainly sounded delighted.

I …

Technology ‘makes it easier to juggle work and home lives’

Technology 'makes it easier to juggle work and home lives'

The lines between private and public life are becoming increasingly blurred.

Thanks to improvements in technology, employees can be available 24/7 and so their working days are being remodelled to reflect this. Gaby Hinsliff, writing in the Guardian, said flexible …

Flexible working ‘to be big in 2013’

Flexible working 'to be big in 2013'

Flexible working is going to be embraced by a lot of businesses in 2013.

This is the opinion of industry expert Norma Pearce, who told Fresh Business Thinking there are set to be some major changes to how firms operate …

How to hold a good meeting

How to hold a good meeting

Businesses are always keen to hold meetings as they offer the chance for important discussions to be held.

Whether it is talking about industry developments, training staff members or looking at plans for growth, everyone appreciates that meetings are an …

Managers ‘want better work/life balance’

Managers 'want better work/life balance'

Companies are beginning to understand the importance of helping their employees strike a good work/life balance.

Research by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) has found that managers are keen to improve their working conditions in the next 12 …